Consumer Choice Awards Maydone, Toronto’s Best Home Appliance 

Thank you! To our technicians and our clients who have supported us, called us, and reviewed us. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of uplifting Maydone into the best home appliance service in Toronto. We can’t wait to keep giving you our best!  Who gave us the Best Home Appliance service in Toronto […]

5 Benefits of calling for appliance repairs 

We get it sometimes you just want to handle things yourself. There are certainly enough tutorials and resources out there, even Maydone has an appliance tips page for you to have a go at basic repairs. However, some appliance fixes are better left to the experts, and we’ll tell you why.  Professional appliance repairs have […]

Top 5 Appliance Trends for 2023

Every new year brings new trends for decor and appliances, a good thing to keep in mind when making your appliance decisions this 2023. So, whether you are looking to renovate your whole kitchen or update a few appliances these suggestions can point you in the right direction. Let Maydone walk you through the top […]

Uncovering the Truth: Does Home Insurance Cover Appliance Repair?

Wondering if your home insurance covers the cost of repair and replacement for household appliances? You’re not alone – many homeowners are in the dark about what, exactly, their policy covers. In this post, we’ll break down the nitty-gritty details to uncover which repairs and appliance replacements are covered under most homeowners’ policies. By understanding […]

How to get scratches out of your electric or inductions cooktop?

Electric cooktops are one of the most popular kitchen appliance options available. They became the choice for many because they are budget-friendly, sleek looking, and fit in almost any space. While still one of the best cooking options you can up with maintenance issues when dealing with scratches. So, how can you get scratches out […]

Top 5 appliances brands of 2022

The end of the year brings a lot of questions and since we are an appliance repairs shop, our question to answer this time is: What are the best appliance brands of 2022? Which of the many options stood out for quality appliances and great models? We’ll tell you what we think and this ranking […]

3 reasons your dishwasher may be leaking and how to fix

Dishwashers are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen. Used often and great assistance to keep things in order and clean. It is rare that dishwashers cause more mess than they clear but one of those instances is when they are leaking. So, what can you do to fix a leaking dishwasher and […]

5 washing machine problems and how to fix them?

Washing machines are one of the most necessary appliances in any home. Having your washing machine break down or not function properly can be a huge annoyance, so it helps when you know a few quick fixes to try on your own. That’s why Maydone created this helpful list of 5 washing machines’ problems and […]