Troubleshooting 3 Common Range Hood Problems
Troubleshooting 3 Common Range Hood Problems

A range hood is an integral part of your kitchen, playing a key role in maintaining air quality, keeping your cooking smells from taking over your house plus reducing smoke and grease.  However, like any other appliance, range hoods break, stop working, and make you wonder how can I fix this? Let Maydone show you […]

How to choose your range hood filter?

Range hoods are a great appliance to add to your kitchen, they can help you eliminate cooking smells and keep your home odor free. Not only do they help with scents but they can also reduce heat while you cook, and most importantly, they can prevent kitchen fires. A great ally for those that love […]

The best filters for your range hood

Range hoods are a sometimes forgotten appliance when compared to your stove and refrigerators. However they have an important role in the kitchen. Not only do range hoods take care of the smoke coming from your cooking they can reduce heat in the kitchen, help you deal with the smell of whatever you are making […]

How to maintain a gas range?

Gas ranges are one of the most popular choices when it comes to cooking appliances, durable, powerful, and elegant, they can really be a highlight in your kitchen. Because these appliances are used so often and become an integral part of daily life it’s useful to know how to take care of them so you […]

Everything you need to know about range hoods

Range hoods are an appliance that can bring together a kitchen space. Not only can they be a statement piece, for those that cook often they are also necessary. However, when it comes to choosing a range hood you may have a lot of questions like: do I really need one? What kind of range […]

Kitchen basics a guide to Range, Ovens, and Cooktops

Kitchen’s tend to become the heart of any home, where people gather to eat and share. That’s what makes choosing your cooking options one of the most important appliance decisions you will make about your home. Because of its importance, it helps to know the basic’s about ranges, cooktops, and ovens. To make the best […]

How to choose between stoves, ranges, and cooktops.

So, you want to equip your kitchen and need to know all about the different types of cooking appliances you can get and what you use those for, we’re here for you! From knowledge, tips for choosing and installing trust Maydone.  What’s the difference between ranges, stoves, and cooktops?  The words “stove” and “range” are […]

The best choices for Range Hoods in 2021

This is an essential but often overlooked part of the kitchen appliance set. Range hoods are responsible for extracting the hot air and cooking smells whenever you fire up the kitchen so it makes sense that you would do the research necessary to find the best ones.  How to choose a Range Hood for your […]

3 common range hood problems and how to fix them
3 Common Range Hood Problems And How To Fix Them

Your range hood keeps your kitchen fresh and smoke-free, it’s an often overlooked but super helpful appliances, so don’t miss there 3 common range hood problems and how to fix them.  Range hoods are especially important in the summer months since they help control the heat when you cook. Because they get rid of the […]

which range hood should I buy for my kitchen maydone appliance repair and installation toronto gta
Which Range Hood Should I Buy?

Do you need to buy a new range hood? This article will help you to make the right choice for your kitchen!  Isn’t it best to prepare your own food and enjoy it at home? You can make sure that you know exactly which ingredients are in your food and it’s fun to try new […]