A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your Whirlpool Refrigerator

Installing a new refrigerator can be an exciting yet challenging task. The process requires careful planning and attention to detail to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. If you’ve recently purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator, this step-by-step guide will provide you with all the necessary information to successfully install it. We’ll also share some valuable tips to […]

3 ways to fix your fridge’s ice maker 

Ice makers are one of the most popular and used features on refrigerators, they elevate drinks and can be a life saver in the hottest months of the year. Like any part of an appliance you can run into problems with them, so how can you fix common ice maker problems quickly and by yourself? […]

Top 5 tips for extending your refrigerators life

A regular refrigerator can cost more than $1000 these days, these appliances are a huge investment for any homeowner and that makes you want to take better care of them. Extending your refrigerator’s life can not only save you money but also time and headaches. So, what are the best ways to extend your refrigerator […]

Top tips for maintaining your freezer

Freezers are a wonderful addition to any home, they solve the issue of storing food safely and are a great ally for the hot summer months. Whether you have an external freezer or use only the one on your fridge, you are surely appreciative of all it can do.    One of the biggest facts to […]

The 5 best features to get on a refrigerator

Refrigerators are the type of appliance you can live without. They help maintain food and investing in great features for one just makes sense. Having a fridge that does the extra things that make cooking, and daily life, much easier. Because there are so many options on the market when it comes to appliances, we’ve […]

Summer appliance care guide: Top tips for using appliances when it’s hot

The hottest season of the year is almost here, and that means you need to pay closer attention to your appliance care. Heat can affect the way appliances run and cause some issues that you could easily prevent with these Maydone tips.  Appliances already run on the hot side so being exposed to higher temperatures […]

Troubleshooting: Fixing 3 common refrigerator issues

Refrigerators are one of the staples of any household, they keep our food safe, and edible, plus provide us cool drinks every time we need them. So, it’s a real headache when they start acting up. At Maydone we are experts at fixing refrigerators and we want to help you with the basics too!  While […]

3 simple ways to fix a leaky refrigerator 

A leaky refrigerator can be a pain in your everyday life, not only is it possible that your food is not being preserved properly it can cause damages to your kitchen floor and cause accidents. Someone could slip on the leaking water, you might have to change your floors or you can just fix it […]

3 ways to get dents out of your stainless steel appliances

Appliances get dents, they break down even. So, it’s always a good idea to have some appliance knowledge under your belt so you can find solutions to these issues yourself. Now it’s the time to learn about getting dents out of one of the most used styles of appliances out there, stainless steel.  Dent or […]