The ultimate guide to fixing your stove when it won’t heat

A stove that won’t heat is a big problem in any household. The engine that keeps you going and fed just won’t turn on. What can you do to fix your stove? Well, before you call in a professional for repairs, there are a few things you can try for yourself. Step 1: Start with […]

Three most common stove problems and how to fix them 

Stoves are the beating heart of the kitchen and the center of home life. Cooking is integral to everyday life so issues with your stove need to be fixed and promptly. You can always call the experts for the more significant problem but there are a few, common, stove issues you can troubleshoot yourself.  One […]

How to fix an orange flame on your gas stove?

Gas stoves are one of the most used and usually reliable cooking appliances out there. The flame is one of the reasons is so sought out since for some it provides a better cooking experience and flavor. One of the most common problems with gas stoves is having your flame turn orange instead of the […]

3 Appliances to get you through the winter

Winter is coming,  maybe it’s already here and you need to get your home ready for the cold. Appliances are a great way to fight the cold and stay cozy inside. It’s not just your heating system that gets you through the drop in temperatures, there are other helpful appliances that can provide much-needed heat […]

What do you need to know about using a gas stove for the first time?

Gas stoves are a great choice for any home, and one of the most popular cooking methods for professional chefs. Guess there is something about that flame. If you haven’t used a gas stove before then there are definitely some things you should know before cooking your first meal.  There are a lot of fears, […]

How to choose between stoves, ranges, and cooktops.

So, you want to equip your kitchen and need to know all about the different types of cooking appliances you can get and what you use those for, we’re here for you! From knowledge, tips for choosing and installing trust Maydone.  What’s the difference between ranges, stoves, and cooktops?  The words “stove” and “range” are […]

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How Long is The Lifespan of Your Appliance?

What’s the lifespan of each appliance in your household? This article tells you how long you can expect your washer, fridge or dryer should last. Are you in the process of buying some new appliances for your home? Before spending a lot of money on an appliance, it can be interesting to know how long […]

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Are you waiting for the perfect time to clean your kitchen appliances?! Not only do we have the best advice when you should clean them, but also some good tips on how to clean your appliances quickly and effectively.   When was the last time you cleaned your kitchen appliances? As winter is approaching, you’ll […]