The 3 most common fridge problems and how to fix them

The 3 most common fridge problems and how to fix them

Your fridge is one of the most used appliances in your home, it keeps your food cold and fresh, making it a necessity to cook and store. So, when it comes down with a problem that needs fixing you want to get to it as fast as possible. That’s where we come in. 

There are tons of things that could happen to your fridge but we’ll be covering the 3 most common ones and the ones that you can actually fix. Remember if at any point you lose confidence and need some extra help you can always call your trusted appliance repair service.

Now that we got that warning out of the way, let’s get started.  

Problem 1: A leaking fridge 

This one is not only a problem, but it also’s a messy problem, and it can be dangerous considering some extra water can make the floor a hazard for everyone in the house. Luckily there’s usually one main culprit of a leaking fridge. 

You may have a blocked defrost drain. To fix this all you have to do is clear that blockage and let the water drain properly. For this issue try:

  • To flush the debris out with warm water 
  • Remove the blockage by hand

Problem 2: A frosted fridge 

It’s already cold enough outside you don’t need your fridge looking like a winter wonderland. If you see a buildup of ice in the back of your fridge you’ll need to address it quickly. First, why is this happening:

  • A door being open for too long
  • Broken seals that don’t preserve the temperature 

These buildups of ice happen from humidity and cold meeting to form ice, the best way to prevent them is to firmly shut your doors. Try to:

  • Shut refrigerator door quickly 
  • Check and replace broken door seals 
  • Lean the fridge so gravity helps you always close the door 
  • Put a “close door” sign on the door, to remind whoever opens it

Problem 3: A noisy refrigerator 

A noisy refrigerator is a problem not just because of the disturbance of the sounds but because it could be cycling too often and spending lots of energy. 

The main reason this could be happening is due to dirty condenser coils, usually placed at the bottom of the appliance. Simple vacuuming and cleaning of the coil can solve this issue. 

There you are 3 problems, 3 solutions

Please remember to be safe when repairing appliances like refrigerators:

  1. Turn them off 
  2. Get a partner to help you
  3. Use professional tools 
  4. Get cleaning supplies 
  5. Know when to stop 

For whatever you can’t fix, Maydone is here. Just give us a call!

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