The best washing machines for larger families

The best washing machines for larger families

Washing machines are one of the most used appliances in any home, and especially important for those with larger families. Since the size of the family means bigger loads of laundry, and having an adequate washing machine can really help shorten the time spent doing that chore and provide more comfort for everyday life. 

Before choosing which washing machine is the best option for your family remember the basics of getting a new appliance:

  • Measure everything to make sure the new appliance will fit
  • Look ar reviewed and the option of people who got the washing machine 
  • Get professionals to help with the installation process  
  • Make sure it fits with your decoration style in the laundry or whichever space the appliance will go in 

The LG WT7300CW

This washing machine has a 5.0 cu ft. load capacity and smart control capabilities, meaning you can use your phone to access your washing machine control on the go. What else?

  • It’s energy start certified and offers great performance even in cold water 
  • It has a 6 motion in one wash option 
  • Many different settings: five spin speeds and temperatures and eight wash program 
  • It has LG’s LoDecibel™ for a quiet wash 

A good addition for any bog family looking to make the washing an easier task 


This washing machine from General Electric exemplifies all the best of the brand, reliable and powerful, this 28 inch, front load smart appliance has a lot in store for your family:

  • 5.0 cu. ft. capacity
  • Energy-star certified 
  • Connects with both Google Assistant and Alexa, plus smart control on your phone 
  • It has a reversible door
  • Touch LCD controls 
  • For the super clean fold, it has a sanitizing + allergen treatment cycle with antimicrobial technology 
  • OdorBlock tech that eliminates extra moisture inside the appliance and prevents bad smells 
  • When you are on the run, just try the quick wash cycle 
  • Another great feature is the SmartDispense™ a technology that allows you to load almost two months worth of detergent and fabric softener for the washer to dispense automatically

The Whirlpool WFW8620HW

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted appliances brands out there and they did really well with this model, this sleek front load is 27 inches, and a great choice for big families that want a lot of bang for their buck, check it out:

  • You get 37 washing cycles 
  • Intuitive control that helps you get to the right customization and combination of cycles 
  • Don’t worry about detergent and softener with this one either, you can use the Whirpool  Load & Go™ to store up to 40 loads worth of it. This will cut your laundry time shorter and save you some work. 
  • Need a look ready from one day to the other? Use the wash and dry cycle to get clothes clean and dry overnight 
  • Clean stronger stain with a steam clean function 

This one is definitely a powerhouse appliance. 

Washing machines are one of the most used appliances at home, so picking one is a hard decision, all of these options will work great for a big family with tons of laundry to clean. 

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