The Complete Guide to Defrosting your Freezer

The Complete Maydone Guide to Defrosting your Freezer

Defrosting your freezer is a task you are most people are hoping to avoid as long as possible but doing so has real consequences on your appliance. So, let’s get this tedious chore out of the way with the help of the complete guide to defrosting your freezer by Maydone. 

If you aren’t convinced yet that you have to do this take a quick look at what can happen if you don’t defrost your freezer regularly: 

  1. Your appliance will lose cooling power.
  2. The freezer will have to work harder to cool, meaning more energy spending.  
  3. Some of your food can over freeze which is a hassle you don’t want to experience. 
  4. Depending on the model it can cause damage to the appliance. 
  5. Defrosting can extend the utility time of your freezer.

Ready? Let’s defrost that freezer

If you have a new, fancy model you most likely have an automatic defrost setting on your freezer. If you don’t know where it is, consult your appliance’s manual. Then just find it and activate it!

What you’ll need?

  1. Cleaning rag 
  2. Cleaning spray 
  3. Hose and fan (optional)

How do you manually defrost a freezer?

  • Turn off the freezer and unplug it. 
  • Empty all contents from the freezer. 
  • Remove the drawer and ice trays.
  • Find the freezer drain plugs and open them, you can use the garden hose to guide the water outside. Or put a bucket in the drain to collect the water.  
  • Leave the freezer open for a few hours until the ice has melted away. 
  • Clean the freezer. 
  • Plug it in
  • Wait until it cools 
  • Put all the drawers and food back inside 

You’re done!

Pro defrosting tip

You can use a fan and aim it at the freezer to speed up the process. It will push out the cold air and cause the ice to melt quicker. 

How often should you defrost a freezer?

Maydone recommends you take into account how much you use this appliance and the state of the frosting, if it accumulates a lot you should do it often. If not then once or twice a year will be enough for it to keep working properly.

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