The easiest way to clean your microwave

The Easiest way to clean your microwave with vinegar

If you are done with using a whole cabinet of products to get the grease, smell and unmentionables out of your microwave then this is the article for you. The best way to clean your microwave? With the power of natural products. Nothing fights food’s trace like other food. The answer to all your microwave problems has been in your pantry all along: Vinegar, this all-natural ingredient has tons of cleaning superpowers. 

How can clean your microwave with vinegar?

  1. Fill a microwave-safe container with half vinegar, half water, and put it on a two-minute high cycle. You can add some citrus peels or fruit for extra scent. 
  2. Grab a sponge or cloth and dip it in the same solution. Then just wipe all the walls of your appliance. 
  3. Food leftover, grease and general dirtiness should come off easily with no scrubbing required. 

How does this vinegar cleaning method work?

Heating your water/vinegar mix makes the solution distribute all over the microwave and the mix of ingredients plus heat breaks down the stuff you want off the appliance. 

Why you should give cleaning your microwave with vinegar a chance?

There are tons of benefits of using this all-natural cleaning method for you and your appliance.

  • It’s very cheap to make 
  • No chemicals 
  • Environmentally safer 
  • More eco-friendly 
  • Clean messes easily 
  • Sanitizes 
  • Deodorizes 

Extra Tips 

  • Be careful with the hot vinegar and water solution after you heat it up, wear gloves to prevent it from burning your hands or either wait until it cools enough to touch before wiping.  
  • You can use the hot water and vinegar mix to clean other appliances too. It’s great for stainless steel. 

Why it’s important to clean your microwave? 

  1. Cleaning your microwave keeps the appliance working properly 
  2. It prevents food from acquiring leftover tastes left in the appliance 
  3. Maintaining hygiene
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