The Pro’s and Con’s of Choosing a Wood-burning Based Heating System

The Pro’s and Con’s of Choosing a Wood-burning Based Heating System

Burning wood is the oldest know home heating system. Used first by cavemen and in every generation of humans, including now. It’s still widely popular and seen in homes all over the world. But how good is a wood-burning heating system, what is the drawback to having one? Both of these questions are answered below. 

Pro’s of burning wood for heat 

  • Wood is a cheaper resource to extract and transport, so it’s cheaper for the consumer as well. Making it a great choice for those that want to save money on their heating. 
  • The fuel used to heat (wood) is more readily available. You might even be able to cut it down and collect it yourself. 
  • The price of wood is stable and not subject to high spikes. 
  • An option like a pellet stove, that burns pellets made from compressed wood biomass. Can be a non-polluting heating choice if that is what you are looking for a more eco-friendly option. 
  • If engineer by a professional all wood-burning system is greener. Emitting less pollution than coal and oil. 
  • In the long run biomass, fuel like wood becomes carbon-neutral
  • Using wood that comes from forest waste actually helps keep the woods healthier. Reducing the risks of first fires. 
  • They are a very beautiful addition to any home and bring a lot of character to homes. 

Con’s of having a wood-burning heating system  

  • Because you are using biomass fuel you need to get a constant supply in order to keep your house warm. This might entail cutting and collecting the wood or going to buy it regularly during the cold months. 
  • You’ll need to have or create storage space for keeping the wood. 
  • Some systems like most stove pellets and sealed fireplaces require electricity to run fans for circulations. 
  • The ash waste created by wood-burning requires propper, safe disposal 
  • Costs are high for building a good wood-burning heating system. You’ll require professional help to complete it. 
  • Equipment to cut the wood for fuel and other accessories you might need can be very expensive as well. 
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