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The top large 3 refrigerators for big family’s

The top 3 refrigerators for big family’s

Having a large family can be one of the most rewarding ways of living but it does come with its challenges. Like having enough space to cover everyone’s needs or wants. This dilemma also applies to refrigerators, if your family needs more room for all the snacks, meals, and treats, then you need to check out this list of the best refrigerators for big families. It’s also a good idea for families with athletes, meal prep enthusiasts, and big appetites, plus the “more space in the fridge the better” people. 

Once you are set on your choice for a new fridge go check the 3 top things to look for when getting your new appliance and call the expert at Maydone for installation services. 

Here’s a clarification before getting to the list, to be considered large a refrigerator must have at least a width of 35 inches or 88.9 centimeters. So take that as your basis for measuring the space you’ll need in your kitchen to install one of these.  

At number 3 the Samsung RF28T5001SR

This Samsung appliance is super impressive. It is the refrigerators with the most capacity on the ranking coming in at 19.6 cu. Ft including gallon door boxes, an ice maker with storage for about   2.2 Kilos of ice, and plenty more space.

The freezer on the Samsung RF28T5001SR refrigerators is, unfortunately, the smallest on the list with only 8.6 cu. Ft. But it very comfortable and accessible thanks to its custom-made EZ-Open Handle.

How much will it cost you? Around $1,705.00*

Top perks: 

  • It is fingerprint resistant, minimizing blemishes on its surface for a better look. 
  • The massive ice maker.
  • Huge gallon bins for your drinks. 
  • Comfortable food handles unique and top quality.
  • It has Energy Star certification, saving you money and more eco-friendly.

Coming in second place the Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ

You’ll get the most bang for your money with this one. One of the coolest features of this appliance is the FreshFlow Air Filter which is super effective at keeping odors at bay in your fridge. Another great feature you will enjoy with this model is the Adaptive Defrost that allows you to defrost items as you wish. Plus the Accu-Chill system that measures and regulates the internal temperature, chilling your food quickly if it needs it. 

How much will it cost you? Around $1,614.10*

Top perks: 

  • The ice bin is placed in the doot giving you more indoor space. 
  • The Adaptive defrost capabilities. 
  • Acci-Chill internal temperature system that cools food with a cold flash. 
  • The water system is also external.
  • Better food preservation thanks to humidity control bins
  • Reduced odors thanks to the FreshFlow Air Filter

Presenting the king of large fridges at number 1 The Sub-Zero

Make room for the biggest refrigerator for large families. The Sub-Zero is the largest in this list both in overall capacity and freezer space. It comes with an impressive 11.7 cu. Ft freezer equipped with Dial Refrigeration that helps avoid freezer burns and frost. This mammoth refrigerator does not skimp on the class either with a UV resistant glass door, glass shelves, and high-quality finish. 

How much will it cost you? $15,200*

Top Perks:

  • It’s smart capable, so you can connect with an app and monitor from your phone 
  • The dual refrigeration system 
  • The UV resistant glass door, make sit great for storing wine 
  • Less noisy and kid-friendly soft-close doors 
  • Quality ice thanks to the automatic icemaker
  • Sabbath feature, a star K Kosher certification for use during Sabbat and other religious holidays. 
  • Two-year full warranty, 5-year limited warranty plus a 12 year sealed system warranty.

*Prices may vary

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