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The Top 3 Washer and Dryer sets of 2022

It’s that time of the year when sales meet appliance rankings, you might be thinking of using Black Friday or Cyber Monday to upgrade your washing machine and dryer and want to make the most of it, or you just want the best for your home, no matter when you shop. Maydone is here to help, no matter the reason, here are the top 3 washer and dryer combos of 2022! 

How did we choose the top washing machine and dryer combos of the year?

Well, there were several criteria but we focused on having a solid choice for each option, so stacked combos, efficiency, and features so you can pick depending on what’s more important to you. 

How to choose the right washer and dryer for your home?

If you aren’t sure what those important traits are for selecting your appliance, then let Maydone help, here are a few things you can look for when choosing a washer and dryer combo for your home. 

  1. Size and capability 
  2. Price and budget 
  3. Sale opportunities
  4. Features and extras 
  5. Reliable brands 

Now on to the list!

The best Budget Washer and Dryer – The Insignia NS-TWM35W1

We know it from a lesser-known brand, yet Insignia really surprises us with its compact model dryer and washer. At a great budget value, this set offers quality and is an amazing option for smaller homes. 

There are no fancy bells and whistles with this one, but it does have 12 cycles, including sports and quick cycles, an indicator to help remind you to clean the filter, and 6.7 cubic feet of washing space. 

This a solid, superb value choice for those looking for a good washer and dryer that does the job and doesn’t break the bank. 

The Best Energy Saver – The Miele 1447756 

Miele is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in appliances, including washing machines and dryers. This one model is no expectation, an appliance with all the features you would expect from a Miele, plus one huge differentiator.

The Miele 1447756 is great at saving energy, this appliance is ventless as well, working as a condensing electric dryer working thanks to a heat exchanger, which makes it a winning energy saver. 

A great hospice for those with energy bills on their mind, that also want to invest in a quality brand. 

The Best for Big Laundry Loads – The LG Signature 

This is an appliance made for a big household. The washer has 5.8 cubic feet of washing space and the dryer has a huge 9.0 cubic feet, a few measures above the norm, and great news for those doing a lot of laundry. 

One thing to consider with these two is getting a professional washer and dryer installation as their size makes them more difficult to maneuver. Even with its size, the Signature model is made to be water and energy efficient so you can meet your need consciously. 

You will also have 14 cycle options and a motor with a 10year warranty. A powerful appliance for big household needs. 

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