The Ultimate Guide for Fixing Common Refrigerator Problems

The Ultimate Guide for Fixing Common Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerators are amazing tools for keeping food fresh, they are one of the most used appliances in any home and fundamental to modern comforts. When your refrigerator breaks down you could be looking at a serious problem for your day-to-day routine, and while you can always call experts, there are some solutions to the most common refrigerator problems you can try on your own first. 

The refrigerator is over freezing 

A refrigerator that cools too much is also an issue that can affect the quality of your food so its important to address it fast, here how you can do that: 

Take a look at your damper 

The damper, which is controlled by the thermostat, is a compartment that allowed or prevents the flow of cold air, so one stuck in open could be the cause of your cold problem. 

Get a new thermostat 

The thermostat is a central piece of your refrigerator, they control and set the temperature as you want it, before replacing it make sure is set at an appropriate temperature. If you need to replace and install a new one, check the model on the instructions manual, back, or inside the door of the fridge to get the correct one. 

Here’s how that replacement can be done:

  • Unplug the fridge first, for safety. 
  • Locate the cooling compartment and open it. 
  • Remove the cover, you might need a screwdriver for this, then also remove the plastic control assembly cover. 
  • Once you are there proceed to gently lift the other cover, You will see the thermostat, it should be a bronze metal device with copper wired attached and a plastic tube. 
  • Take a picture o the arrangement in order to help you put it together again after. 
  • Extract the old thermostat from the wired and the tube, replace and reassemble. 
  • Follow any special instructions pertaining to your model. 
  • Put the cover back in place. 
  • Done! 

The refrigerator is not cooling 

What good is a refrigerator that won’t refrigerate?

Thankfully there is more than one suggestion to fix this problem, so don’t lose hope.

Check your thermostat 

It may seem too obvious to be the solution, but in homes of 2 or more people, one of them could have changed the temperature setting and just forgotten, easy and fast fix. 

Go over the doors 

Check the door seal are forming a perfect seal that can maintain the temperature inside is key. IF you notice the seals are dirty, damaged, or faulty you can try:

  1. Clean the seal
  2. All some petroleum jelly for better sealing 
  3. Replace the door seals

Clean blockages and condenser coils

There could be items inside the fridge blocking the flow of cold air from passing, clean the fridge out and inspect to make sure. 

Cleaning the condenser coils can also help with cold airflow.

Leaky fridge 

A leaky fridge can be a very bothersome problem and it could even be dangerous, as water can cause people to slip on your kitchen floor. Here what you can do:

Proper sealing 

Check the refrigerator doors to see that the seals are working as they should, to keep liquid and food inside the appliance. 

Empty and clean the drain pan 

The drain pan that is located at the bottom of your fridge could overcapacity and causing a mess. Take a minute to remove and clean it. 

Freezer drain 

Your freezer’s drain could be frozen and causing leaks as it thaws. Defrost it completely and clean it out

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