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Things You Should Never Put in a Microwave

Microwaves are incredibly useful appliances to have in the home, great time savers and easy to use for anyone, but there are somethings to take into account when using one, specifically what you can put in them safely. 

If You Forget, Just Call Maydone 

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This type of containers is not resistant to the heat created in the microwave so it can melt, and even if you don’t notice, it could be releasing chemicals into your food that definitely don’t want there. 

Light Plastics

Always check the bottom of containers for a “microwave safe”  stamp, if it’s not there and the plastics feel very thin or light, you’re better of transferring the food into a plate. Same as with Styrofoam it can release chemicals or melt if used. 

Paper Containers

Like the materials above paper is not made for microwaves, it can become toxic when heated there. 

Other Stuff Not Microwaveble 


Never do this one, ever. 

Uncovered Plates & Containers 

Unless you like cleaning, always use a cover to avoid messes. 

These Foods

Hot Peppers

Terrible idea, the fumes that result from heating this up in a Microwave can be dangerous, think hot pepper spray. 

Egg with shells 

Steam build in the shell as it heats up and it can explode.

Whole Fruits 

Same as the egg, even if it doesn’t blow up it can cause burns when you try to peel the fruit. 

Frozen Meat 

Defrosting settings are super helpful, but be careful that you don’t trust the Microwave to cook the meat fully. It can be left raw and that’s a dangerous gamble.

Frozen Baby Bottles 

Any kind of baby food should be thawed before heating, it can be too hot for the baby and cause burns. 


This is a big one if you use the microwave while empty the Microwaves power bounces off the internal walls and could possibly explode, making it one of the most dangerous things you can do. 

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