Three Easy Fixes For Dryer Issues

Three Easy Fixes For Dryer Issues

Dryers are a time saving, organization wonder in appliances, no need to wait for clothes to dry out forever or have to suffer with cold sheets in the winter, but like any appliances they can run into some trouble, that’s why Maydone has put together the three easiest foxes for dryer problems. 

For A Dryer That’s Not Heating 

  • Make sure your dryer is on a heat cycle, if it’s only in an air cycle it won’t heat up. 
  • Clean out the lint filter, an excess of lint might clog up the hot air flow. 
  • Clean the dryer vent tube, dirt or any blockage in there can also explain a lack of heat. 
  • Check your heating element to see if it’s working, if not then call Maydone right away! 

For A Noisy Dryer 

This one depends on the kind of noise you are hearing come from your dryer:

  • If its Squeaky, then you need to repairs or change your drum bearings
  • Thumping noise, could be that the rubbers on the drum roll need replacing 
  • If you hear metal scrapping metal, your dyer’s gliders could be worn and in need or change 
  • If its moving around, you need to check its placing and foundation so it can stand firm 

For A Poorly Ventilating Dryer 

Lint is probably the culprit here, you need to check and clean your vent, vent tube, dryer and dryer filter. If that doesn’t work the problem might be mechanical and you kith need a professional crew like Maydone! 

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