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Tips on using appliances sustainably, saving energy and money

Appliances can be a huge part of our carbon footprint and while we can’t stop relying on them entirely we can take action to use them in a more eco-friendly way. Using appliances more sustainably doesn’t only help the planet it allows us to save in expenses in the long run. So, Maydone has put together a list of tips on using appliances sustainably, saving energy and money for you to try at home! 

There are so many ways to calculate your carbon footprint and you start you can also realize the opportunities you have to reduce it and get a better sense of where to spend energy and how to make the most of what you have in an eco-conscious way. Let’s get started. 

Become more mindful of how you use appliances 

One of the key changes you can make is to become more aware of what and how you are using your appliances for. If you are doing tiny loads of dishes or laundry, then maybe you can wait until it’s full, or you could be leaving the fridge door open longer than you need to. These small changes add up in a big way for your energy bill and the planet. 

Start with these 3 simple actions 

  1. Run the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher only when its full or almost full 
  2. If you can sun dry your clothes then try that before the dryer or a combination of both 
  3. Close the fridge door when you are not using it 

Choose a renewable energy provider 

Renewable energy is available for most Canadian homes, although it does come at a higher cost so it might not be suitable for everybody. However, it is a great option to consider when committing to lowering our carbon footprint.

You could start looking at sustainable energy solutions for your home or companies offering this service to get a better deal on clean energy. 

Get rid of your old appliances

This might seem a bit odd. How can creating more waste help you be more sustainable? Well, the first thing you need to do is properly dispose of your old appliances so they can be recycled as much as possible, and the second is getting a good new appliances that lasts. 

Why does changing to new appliances help the planet sometimes?

Because new appliances have better energy ratings, consume resources at lower rates, and are made to function in a more sustainable way. 

Turn appliances off when you are not using them 

An easy way to save power is to turn things off when you are not using them, and even unplug them so they are off the power source. Of course, we don’t mean the fridge or hard-to-reach appliances. 

Turn off and unplug small appliances around the home and when installing a new washing machine or dishwasher consider adding an easy way to unplug for saving energy. 

Get SMART appliances 

Smart technology can help you control your appliances even when you are not home, which means less energy wasted and a lower carbon footprint. You can turn off what you are not using and control cycles remotely. 

A smarter home is usually a greener home. 

Repair your appliances with professionals 

One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is to make what you have last longer. We know we said you should change to newer appliances but we were referring to going from old to new. 

Now, if you have a relatively new appliance that suddenly stops working then call Maydone! We are an expert repair service, using genuine appliance parts and the best technicians. You will have your appliance back, and a smaller carbon footprint. 

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