Top 5 appliances brands of 2022

Top 5 appliances brands of 2022

The end of the year brings a lot of questions and since we are an appliance repairs shop, our question to answer this time is: What are the best appliance brands of 2022? Which of the many options stood out for quality appliances and great models? We’ll tell you what we think and this ranking can also serve you if you are looking for a new appliance. 

So, what standards did we use to select the best appliance brands of 2022?

  1. Quality appliances 
  2. Features and extras 
  3. Reliable products 
  4. Nice finishing 
  5. Pricing, and innovation 

The list is in no particular order, as we believe all of these are top brands and it depends on what you are looking for to edge one out over the other. 

German precision – Bosch 

Bosch appliances come with the might of German engineering and manufacturing. They have appliances that run smoothly and are incredibly precise. 

The models run on the pricier side thanks to these high-quality characteristics but are definitely worthy for those looking for durability and amazing appliances. 

Reliability and pricing – Maytag 

Maytag is one of the oldest and most recognizable appliance brands in the market. A trusted company for appliances in all areas from refrigerators to washing machines and smaller appliances. 

They have a great variety of models for any need and home, plus they have more accessible prices without compromising quality. Sure, it’s not as flashy as other brands on the list but they are great appliances that last and get the job done!

Technology – Samsung 

Do you want to wow people with smart features and tech? Then go with Samsung Appliances. Their models have all the next-generation add-ons. 

You can customize your appliances to have features from the basic new extra to the full bells and whistles combo. Sleek, modern appliances for those looking to build a “smart” home. 

Well-rounded – LG 

LG is one of those brands that offer you the best of both worlds. Merging impressive tech with quality and steady pricing. 

The appliances are reliable, you can add those interesting features or go with the basic models. Get a well-rounded machine from this brand and enjoy it for a really long time. 

The newcomer – Café 

Café is a subsidiary of GE appliances, a new brand in the appliance market that has the backing of reliable and great company history.

This newcomer falls into the luxury appliance niche, with highly customizable, amazing bespoke finishings, all the features, big sizes, and high price tags. 

If you want to go high-end with a brand that you know well then Café can be the best choice you make this 2022!

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