Top 5 tips for extending your refrigerators life

Top 5 tips for extending your Refrigerators life

A regular refrigerator can cost more than $1000 these days, these appliances are a huge investment for any homeowner and that makes you want to take better care of them. Extending your refrigerator’s life can not only save you money but also time and headaches. So, what are the best ways to extend your refrigerator use life, we’ll tell you!

1. Make sure you tidy it and deep clean it regularly 

Refrigerators are messy appliances because they hold food and drinks and are one of the most used appliances in any home. 

Spills, dropped food and other accidents can cause damage to pieces of the appliance but there’s an easy fix, just clean it up! 

The most important part to keep clean is the door gaskets and airflow points, these two maintain the internal temperature of the fridge. When they are dirty and not working correctly the refrigerator needs to work harder to cool, spending more energy and running harder. 

How often should you clean the refrigerator?

You should be cleaning your refrigerator when you see a mess and deep cleaning every 1-2 months, you can look at our list of tips on better organization for fridges for inspiration.

2. Get genuine replacements parts 

One of the things we do at Maydone is making sure we use only brand genuine appliance replacements when working on refrigerators repairs, and for any appliance.

Using certified parts is an extra layer of security the repairs being done are going to stick and the part you are using is made just for your appliance.

3. Use certified technicians for repairs 

Maintaining your appliance doesn’t mean you’ll never have any issues, it means that you’ll get the right people to help you when you do have problems. 

Using top-rated appliance repair services assures you that the technicians working on your appliance know what they are doing and are providing the best service possible. 

To pick the best appliance service check.

  • Reviews 
  • Ratings 
  • Brands they work with 
  • Technicians experience 
  • Warranty policies 

4. Defrost your freezer 

Defrosting your freezer at least once a year to clean and check the airflow vents makes it so the cold stays cold. It gives you a chance to inspect functioning, deep clean, and make room for new items. 

The best time to do this is when you are ready to clean the whole appliance. That way you get two tasks at once.

To defrost your freezer

  1. Take the food out 
  2. Turn off the refrigerator and unplug it 
  3. Prepare the kitchen with mops and towels to soak up the water 
  4. Check vents 
  5. Clean, restock and turn it back on!

5. Clean your refrigerator compressor and vents 

The compressor and vents are the hardest working parts of your refrigerator, the first is the source of the cooling power and the vents make sure cooling reaches all of the appliances. 

These two need to be cleaned regularly so the dust and debris don’t force them to work harder and your food can stay safe and cold. 

Extra tip

Get your refrigerator installed by professionals to avoid issues from the start!

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