Top dishwashers for Christmas gift guide

Top dishwashers for Christmas gift guide

The holidays are a great season to buy and upgrade your appliances, especially the pricier ones. Why? Because retailers already have standard sales coming up on those dates, and after. So, if you are looking to replace your old dishwasher with a new one let us guide you through the process. 

How to choose a new dishwasher?

These appliances are one of the best and most time-saving things you can have at home, so picking the right one matters. Make sure to be thorough with your research and check as many requirements as you can. Hopefully, you won’t be buying a new one in years.

  1. Make sure it matches the rest of your kitchen appliance style 
  2. Get one with a strong warranty 
  3. Go with trusted appliance brands 
  4. Take detailed measurements 
  5. Check reviews

Pro tip: Dishwashers is one of those appliances that sometimes requires professional installation so remember you can always count on Maydone for that in the Greater Toronto Area 

Now that you got the basics down, here is a closer look at some of the most impressive dishwasher models of 2021.

The Whirlpool 

Model: WDT730PAHZ

This model is a fully integrated dishwasher with a sleek design and stainless steel finish, a great addition to any kitchen it comes with:

  1. Big capacity, over 15 pieces plus an adjustable upper rack for extra room
  2. 5 wash cycles 
  3. Energy Star certification to save on power
  4. The Sani-Rinse option which eliminates 99.999% of bacteria 
  5. Delay the wash for a day and check when your load will start washing on your display 

The Dacor 

Model: DDW24M999US

You might not have heard of Dacor before, but this luxury appliance brand will definitely wow you with the high quality of their appliances and some of their prices. This is the most expensive dishwasher on the list. Let’s see what you get with this model.

  1. A third rack to load more than the standard 14 place settings it already comes with 
  2. WaterWall technology directs a wall of water at high velocity to every inch of the dishwasher. 
  3. Save on electricity with the Energy Star certification 
  4. Control via a smart dishwasher app 
  5. Use the ZoneBooster tech to point 5 nozzles for extra cleaning 

Pro tip: This might be the quietest dishwasher on the list as well. 

The Frigidaire 

Model: FGID2468UF

Frigidaire offers lasting, high-quality appliances and this one also comes with a great sleep silver design. What else?

  1. Its smudge-proof exterior, so you don’t have to worry about those annoying fingerprints every day 
  2. Also, Energy Star certified 
  3. Adjust the water pressure for every load with the AquaSurge technology 
  4. Enjoy a quick 34 minutes cycle to get the dishes off your to-do list fast 
  5. It’s an NSF certified that removes 99% of all bacteria
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