Top reasons why an induction cooktop might be right for your home?

Top reasons why an induction cooktop might be right for your home?

Kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, they also have a few options for cooking. From the traditional gas stove to more modern electric or induction cooktops, finding the right choice for your needs can be difficult. So, lets Maydone help you with your cooktop needs. If you are here it is because you are already considering an induction cooktop, but maybe you need more convincing. 

How do induction cooktops work?

Induction cooktops use electromagnetic connections to directly heat up pots and pans. That’s why you need special cooking ware for it, but it’s also what makes induction cooktops so special. 

Lots of cooking power

A cooktop needs to have power, it’s basic. You will find the heat you want to make all the dishes you crave in good quality cooktops. More benefits to induction cooking include:

  1. The heat is evenly distributed 
  2. Quick to warm up 
  3. All the firepower of a gas stove, without actual fire and a sleeker look 
  4. Plus, no burn spills. Induction tops don’t heat up unless there is something activating it, so any spill will remain unburnt. 

Energy saver 

One of the biggest selling points of installing an induction cooktop in your home is the energy savings. With an induction kitchen, you get all the power of gas cooking but at a really reasonable price.

Induction cooktops heat up fast and maintain temperature evenly so dishes will also cook quicker. Also, you will find most brands have at least one high-energy rated option in the model line. 

One of the safest options 

Do you have someone’s safety to worry about in the kitchen? Then induction might be the way to go for you. These cooking appliances won’t heat up or turn on without coming in contact with specific pans and pots. This reduces the chances of accidental burning and other dangerous situations. 

Eco friendly 

The high energy efficiency makes it one of the most eco-friendly options in the market, they also tend to be smaller than other options, meaning less use of material and energy in assembly.

Modern looks 

Induction cooktops are one of the most modern-looking options for a kitchen. They tend to be a shiny black surface, can be easily hidden, and come in very stylish finishes. 

Another reason it’s such a good choice is it frees up space on counters, you just need to safely cover it and you can use the surface for something else. 

A great choice for smaller homes as well, with less space available.

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