Top tips for maintaining your freezer

Top tips for maintaining your freezer

Freezers are a wonderful addition to any home, they solve the issue of storing food safely and are a great ally for the hot summer months. Whether you have an external freezer or use only the one on your fridge, you are surely appreciative of all it can do.   

One of the biggest facts to consider about freezers is that they are expensive appliances so taking good care of them is going to benefit you in the long run. 


One of the main ways to maintain your freezer is to install it properly from the start. If you have to install a refrigerator or freezer, and don’t have the experience then you should call an expert team like Maydone. 

Other things to consider when installing 

  1. Make sure its not in the hot area of the home
  2. Measure so you have enough space to install 
  3. Check the fridge thoroughly once you buy it so you can use your warranty quickly 


Cleaning works for maintaining all appliances and it’s one of the easiest things to do. For the freezer in particular it helps clear space for other food and helps you keep your air filters and cold air flow intact. 

For a freezer or fridge maintenance clean pay attention to:

  • The door gaskets to make sure cold air is sealed inside 
  • Inner containers or shelves 
  • The coils, blowers, and filter 

Keeping it full 

A stocked fridge and freezer work better because it has the aid of the objects inside to keep the temperature going. Careful not to put too much inside though because that can lead to too much workload for the appliance.  

The best way to go about this is to read your manual and see what load is recommended for your refrigerator model. 


It may seem funny to have to defrost a freezer but you do need to. This frost happens when too much moisture gets in from the outside and turns into ice, and it can be a real problem.  

If there’s too much ice in the freezer you can end up with a blocked filter, and the freezer working harder and costing you more in power. 

Here is a Maydone guide to defrosting your fridge. 


One of the best ways to take care of your fridge or freezer is by using the best appliance repair service when you notice something is wrong.

A great appliance repair service will be familiar with your brand, have good reviews online, use genuine appliance repairs and have a warranty on the service as Maydone does.

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