Top tips on picking the right appliance repair and installation service

Top tips on picking the right appliance repair and installation service

Having a problem with an appliance is something no one wants to deal with, especially when you can’t fix it yourself. Most homeowners will run into these types of issues at least once so it’s better to be prepared to make the right call. Choosing the right appliance repairs service will help you avoid turning a fixable issue into something worse, plus it saves you time and money. 

Appliance repair and installation services are a popular business idea, and facing the task of choosing one can be daunting. However, we do recommend using them for the more serious appliance problem and for installations. 

Why do you need a good appliance service for repairs and installations? 

  1. It helps save time and money 
  2. It protects the appliance from damage 
  3. You can get a warranty on service and parts 
  4. You have someone to call when you have an appliance emergency 
  5. It’s easier for you!

Look at what other clients are saying 

One of the biggest indicators of an appliance repair company’s quality of service is the client reviews. Going on a quick Google search will turn up ratings and former client reviews

Try reading the most recent reviews and noting what the clients highlight for example timeliness, quality of service, or attention to detail. 

At Maydone we strive to treat clients like family and always appreciate their 5-star reviews which have made us one of the best appliance repairs services in the Greater Toronto Area

Make sure they work with your appliance brand 

Consult on their site or on a message to the company whether they work and are familiar with your brand and model of appliance. 

More than anything this saves you time and guarantees the people that come to your door have the experience you need. 

Get a consultation online or on the phone first 

Before asking for a service it’s best to get a quick consultation online with the appliance service you choose. Explain the issue and see if they have any suggestions. 

Some issues can be fixed at home and they might be able to offer solutions. 

This way you can also get an idea of whether they know what they are doing or not. 

Call an appliance service in your area 

Want to have quick appliance service and be able to count on them, then go local. These technicians can get to your problem fast and be a call away when you need them. 

Research the best appliance repair and installation services in your neighborhood and choose from there. 

If you are in the Toronto area call Maydone!

Have an estimate and date of service 

Ask for an estimate of the cost and set date and time for service, this helps you with expenses and planning your day. Plus, the services that can’t even give you one of these should be crossed out from your list, it means they are not prepared or organized enough.

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