Troubleshooting 3 common oven problems

Troubleshooting 3 common oven problems

Ovens are one of the most time-saving and useful appliances you can have in your home. They allow you to cook or bake with no hassle and little supervision, so you can have time to do other things and still enjoy a great recipe. 

There are several formats for ovens, they each accommodate different sizes and needs. If you don’t have an oven and are thinking about getting one, remember to call the experts from Maydone for oven installations in Toronto

Before doing any repairs, let’s go over a few basics:

  1. Wear gloves and shoes for electricity protection 
  2. Unplug your oven if you need to handle electric components
  3. Keep your oven manual nearby 
  4. Get your tools ready
  5. Have a rag, vacuum, or broom near to clean up afterward 

An oven that’s not heating at the right temperature 

You need to have the right temperature when cooking or baking with an oven, that is the key to getting the correct end results. So, this is a major issue for any oven and one you may be able to fix yourself. 

What could be happening and how to fix it? 

  • Your temperature sensor is not working correctly, so it reads the wrong number and messes up your temperature and cooking time → Check where your temperature sensor is and make sure it’s not in contact with the oven walls so it reads the right temperature, check if it works properly and replace if needed.
  • For gas ovens it could be a problem with a faulty ignition → Check that your ignition is working and replace it if needed.
  • For an electric oven it could be caused by a malfunctioning heating element → Check your manual for diagnosis instructions and replace parts if needed.
  • If none of the options above seems to fit your oven might just need a calibration. 

An Oven that’s not Heating Up 

This is also one of the most common and annoying oven problems you can deal with: an oven that just won’t finish heating up. There is a way to fix this and it depends on the model of oven you have. 

For gas ovens: you’ll need to check the igniter first and see if it needs replacing, so you can get that new piece to change it. If that doesn’t work it could be another piece that is malfunctioning. 

For electric ovens: check if coils are heating or turning red, first try by replacing the heating elements if they are not working before moving on to other causes. 

If you don’t feel like doing this yourself you can always call Maydone for oven repairs 24/7!

An oven that heats unevenly 

Part of what makes the oven such a great cooking method is that the heat is evenly distributed throughout the appliance, it’s why we can leave dishes inside and be sure they will be cooked in the time we set. 

An oven that heats unevenly can be caused by a faulty burner or a blockage of heat caused by the debris. 

To fix this issue: Make sure to clean your oven regularly and check to see if there is any debris on the burners, if the problem persists, call an emergency repair service for ovens.

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