Troubleshooting: 3 fixes for your refrigerator ice maker

Troubleshooting: 3 fixes for your refrigerator ice maker

ADo you have a problem with your ice maker not making ice, or producing less than usual. Then you need these 3 easy troubleshooting fixes for ice makers that are just not working. Ice makers are an attached feature of your refrigerator, they are also usually connected to the water filter and can be a great addition to any home. But what can you do when they won’t work? You can try to fic it yourself or call Maydone!

On this quick refrigerator fix guide, we will take a loom at 3 of the most common ice makers issues and simple troubleshooting fixes you can try. 

  1. Ice maker not making ice 
  2. Frozen ice maker 
  3. Ice maker won’t eject ice 

Remember when facing issues with your refrigerator you need to prepare yourself and your kitchen space by:

  • Clear the space 
  • Have a mop nearby 
  • Have backed to collect water 
  • Disconnect the fridge from electricity to avoid accidents 
  • Keep the appliance manual near 
  • Get your tools before you start working 

Ice maker not making ice 

One of the biggest issues with a refrigerator’s ice maker is the lack of ice. There could be a few things cursing this the main one of the water source is blocked or you wai wire is activated when the bail wire activates it shuts ice production off. 

What you can do to get your fridge to make ice again 

1. Secure your water source line, your ice maker won’t make ice if it doesn’t have a water source, the supply usually comes from a tube installed in the back. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable installation service for your refrigerator

Extra tip: you should also check the tap valve that connects the water supply to the source tube for the fridge. 

2. Check the position of the bail wire, the bail wire is usually located on the ice tray and is locked in the upper position it will send a signal not to produce ice. Make sure it’s placed in the down position and if that doesn’t work, call a technician to check if the wire or wire connections need replacing.

3. Take a look at the solenoid. You will need to disconnect the fridge from the power source for this. It is usually placed at the bottom or back of the refrigerator, if it’s blocked you can clean it with water to allow water to flow again. Check your manual to see where it’s located. 

Frozen ice maker 

If any of your ice makers’ components are frozen it could affect ice production. The best thing to do is to slowly defrost them so water can flow again. If your tray exits freeze you need to remove the whole tray and let it defrost, if your water hose is frozen you can defrost with a hairdryer. 

Remember to prepare to collect the water and be careful to disconnect from power so you don’t mix electricity with water messes.

Ice maker won’t eject ice 

If your ice maker is not ejecting ice there could be a few reasons. You should probably take a look at the exit port for the ice to see if there are obstructions or it has frozen. Clean and defrost it so the ice maker can eject ice again. 

The other issue could be with the ejection motor or system and for that, you might need replacement parts and more advanced help. 

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