Troubleshooting: Fixing 3 common refrigerator issues

Troubleshooting: Fixing 3 common refrigerator issues

Refrigerators are one of the staples of any household, they keep our food safe, and edible, plus provide us cool drinks every time we need them. So, it’s a real headache when they start acting up. At Maydone we are experts at fixing refrigerators and we want to help you with the basics too! 

While there are multiple things that could go wrong with refrigerators, they are pretty complex appliances, we are going to focus on the three most common fridge problems people run into. 

Before we get started let’s go over some of the things you can do to avoid refrigerator problems:

  1. Choose one of the most reliable fridge brands 
  2. Get your refrigerator installed by technicians
  3. Use it properly and clean it regularly 

Plus, some tips on doing your own fridge repairs:

  1. Run a diagnostics of the problem first, to see where its originating and if you can handle the job on your own 
  2. Turn the appliance off 
  3. Have clean up materials, fridge repair can be messy 
  4. Get a bussy or partner to help you 
  5. Gather your tools before you start 

Let’s take a look at the most common fridge problem and their fixes 

Fixing a noisy fridge 

A loud refrigerator can drive anyone mad, it disrupts the home and it could be hiding a very expensive electricity bill because usually, these noise problems can cause the appliance to cycle more often and spend more energy. 

If the noise is coming from the bottom, then you have dirty condenser coils. A quick vacuum should fix that straight away. 

If the noise is coming from the back it could be your condenser fan is dirty, clean it and see if it stops. 

If the noise is coming from inside the refrigerator, it could be the internal circulation fan, this type of repair may need more expertise so we suggest calling a repair service like Maydone

Fixing a leaking fridge 

This is one of the worst types of fridge problem to have, not only is your appliance acting up but you also have a mess to clean up. Thankfully it’s usually an easy enough fix. 

Most of the time this happens because of a clogged drain or punctured water supply. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Check your refrigerator drains for debris and clean them out. 
  2. Check your water supply tubes for punctures or leaks and replace them if you find one. 

Fixing a frozen fridge 

A frosty fridge is not a huge problem but it can be annoying to find your favorite food has frozen overnight or that your electricity bill is through the roof because your fridge is going at full power. The most common cause of this issue is problems with the refrigerator doors. 

  • Leaving fridge door open too long 
  • Broken door seals that mess with the temperature inside 

To fix this you can try: 

  • Make sure to close the fridge door tightly 
  • Clean or replace your door seals
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