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Coming home after a long day at work, you are probably looking forward to watching your favorite TV show. You’ve prepare the snacks and drinks to find out that the TV screen has turned blue. You don’t know what’s happening, but decide not to panic. Turning the TV off and on again does not bring results. The wires are OK and there are no visual traces of TV being broken. So, what do you do?

Maydone may help fix the TV in Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our experienced repair technicians deal with all kinds of TV issues and can quickly identify what’s wrong. If you call Maydone for help, we’ll be happy to provide same day service.

We only use original TV brands parts and provide up to 1-year warranty on our services. If it’s your first time calling us to repair an appliance in GTA, we’ll be happy to give you a new customer $30 discount. We value relationships with our clients and will be there for you. Just enjoy what really matters while we repair your TV and any other small appliances in your house.

Signs your Television needs repair:

  • TV shows blue, green or black colors?
  • TV is not receiving signals?
  • The TV connection is weak?
  • TV image is showing pixelation or breaking up?
  • TV turns on from the remote, but cable or satellite box won’t?
  • The TV box is not connecting to the cable box properly?
  • TV settings completely mixed up?
  • Your cable/satellite receiver was broken?
  • The TV makes strange noises and goes blank?
  • TV picture is squashed, stretched or cropped?
  • LED TV screen goes blank?
  • Power supply unit is faulty?
  • LED TV has horizont lines on startup?
  • TV has no sound output?
  • LED TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi?
  • The TV set won’t connect to digital channels?
  • The TV or Projector won’t power up?
  • TV does not properly show 4K or other high resolutions?
  • There are spider lines that extend from a localized point on the screen?

Do not worry, we fix it all!

Licensed TV repair technicians are on their way!

Types of TV we repair:

Common Issues We Repair:

  • Screen problems
  • TV won't turn on
  • Missing Pixels
  • TV Sound Problems
  • Tuning Issues
  • Connectivity Problems

Repair and Installation of TV Brands:

  • LG TV
  • Samsung TV
  • Sharp TV
  • Sony TV
  • Toshiba TV
  • Hisense TV
  • Sunbrite TV
  • TCL TV
  • Sanyo TV
  • Seiki TV
  • RCA TV
  • Haier TV
  • Element TV
  • Bolva TV
  • Philips TV
  • Hitachi TV
  • JVC TV

Your TV cannot be fixed?

We offer disposal services.

Be Waste Free. We will install the new appliance and take your old one. 

TV Repair Services in GTA Area:

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