What are all the different things you can clean using your dishwasher?

Here are the surprising things you can clean using your dishwasher

That amazing appliances that sit in your kitchen and save you time by cleaning your dishes and dirty cutlery can do a whole lot more than you think. You could be saving a lot more effort and time if you expanded the use you give that mighty appliance to clean other items fast and safely. 

Let’s be clear there are some items that should never be washed in the dishwasher like those made from wood or non-safe materials so keep an eye out for those. Remember to check the item’s information to see if it’s safe to clean in the dishwasher. When in doubt the top rack o the appliance is always the safest for delicate material because it’s the least close to the heat. 

Another thing to remember id when you clean something that doesn’t usually go in the dishwasher you should give your appliance a cleaning before using it again. Ready? 

Here are the surprising things you can clean using your dishwasher 

Kitchen Stuff 

  • The fans from the exhaust fan 
  • Your sponges and cleaning brushes 
  • Those silicone mitts and trivets 
  • The turntable from the microwave 
  • The separators, shelves, and bins from the fridge 

Home Decor 

  • Vases 
  • The Light Fixtures 
  • Outlet cover 
  • HVCA Vents (unless they have been painted) 

Bathroom Stuff

  • Toothbrush cups 
  • Soap holders 
  • Organizers 
  • Exhaust fans cover 

Kids & Pet Toys 

  • Bath toys 
  • Plastic toys 
  • Pacifiers and teething toys 

For Pets

  • Toys
  • Food bowls 
  • Collars and leashes 

Sports Stuff

  • Mouth and Shin Guards 
  • Golf balls 

Tools and accessories 

  • Some garden tools 
  • Flower pots 
  • Grill parts 
  • Car tools 
  • Car Keys 
  • Hubcaps 
  • Car floor mats 
  • Car cup holders 
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