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What are the best dishwasher brands?

A dishwasher can be a total game changer for your home. Those 30 plus minutes you can spend washing dishes after a dinner party or being more conscious with your water use. All of this is achievable with just one appliance: a dishwasher! 

Remember than added to choosing the brand, you also have to consider:

  • Space
  • Style matching the rest of your appliances 
  • Installation 
  • Durability 
  • Price 
  • Warranty 
  • Capacity 

Get your features and durability with Miele 

German brand Miele is behind some of the best appliances in the market, with all the bells and shitle you desire from Wifi connectivity to their own app Miele@Mobile, you won’t be missing out on the latest trends with this choice. But what makes Miele stand out amongst  its competition is the promise to bring the best to all their products. Because no matter the price or size range you buy from, with Miele, you will get some cool new features like ergonomic baskets and water softeners from budget to luxury, this brand doesn’t miss the assignment.

Reliable and impressive – Bosch

This brand lives up to every bit of its reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, useful and well designed appliances. These dishwasher’s tend to have a large capacity, great engineering and high quality standard, all you’ve come to expect from the German brand. Do you want more Bosch selling points? They have one of the higher energy star ratings and most of their dishwashers come with EcoSilence Drive motors for more boost at a lower noise level. You want a dishwasher that can stand heavy use, reliable and quiet? This one’s for you!

A classic that doesn’t disappoint – GE 

General electric has been the biggest name in appliances for decades, they are one of the most recognizable and trusted brands out there, for a reason. One of the biggest advantages of GE dishwashers is their huge variety of models, going all the way from portable to professional grade. What they all deliver is on quality and efficiency. A big plus od GE dishwasher is the Piranha™, a food disposer which helps you say goodbye to the pre-rinse. If you can’t device or want a ton of choices then look around the GE catalog and maybe you’ll find your match. 

Now that you know the top 3 dishwasher brands of 2021, here are 6 tips to take care of your new dishwasher:

  1. Get it installed by professionals 
  2. Use the appropriate products for washing 
  3. Read the manual 
  4. Clean the door seals regularly 
  5. Use the self-cleaning setting to clean the appliance 
  6. Call the pro’s when you need repairs

Once you’ve made your purchase, check out our article on dishwasher installation. Enjoy your new dishwasher!

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