What are the best smart dryers of 2021?

What are the best smart dryers of 2021?

Dryers are one of the best appliances to have in a busy household, cutting the time it takes to get clothes from dirty to clean by a lot. They usually come in tandem with washing machines, but for those of you considering getting a stand-alone dryer and a smart dryer at that, this is the list for you. 

Like with other appliances there is a sure list of considerations to take into account when picking the best option for your home. Before making your decision consider these factors:

  • Size, the dimensions of the appliance, and how it will fit into your home and decor style.
  • Features, what do you want your new dryer to be able to do and what perks of tech do you prefer to have, for example, some might choose more silent dryers over remote control features. 
  • Price, this is a big one. Setting a budget before going shopping is the smartest way to go about it, and keeping an eye out for sales and other appliance discounts like getting the floor model, etc. 
  • Installation needs, dryers should be installed by professional, no shade on your appliance skills but considering their dimensions, the value of the appliance, and the tools needed to get it. We would not recommend trying this on your own unless you have plenty of experience. 

Now, let’s go on to our list of the best smart dryers of 2021.

The 35 programs in one – Miele

The Miele model PDR908HPWH is a very powerful and complete option in the smart dryer market. You will have no problem finding the right setting for your needs with more than 35 drying programs at your fingertips. This model is part of the Miele Series: Little Giants, and it lives up to its name, here’s what else you can enjoy with this smart dryer:

  • Get alerts and notifications with the Miele App connected to your phone. 
  • Higher energy efficiency thanks to its use of heat pump tech 
  • No buttons, this dryer works entirely on a screen dial, is intuitive, and easy to use. 
  • Precise drying times with Miele’s PerfectDry system
  • Soft and even dry with the brands SoftLift drum ribs

Pack a punch with Bosch

Bosch’s WTG865H4UC model from its 800 series is a lot of power in a great package. It’s a 24 inch model with compact condensation technology and a 4.0-cu. Ft capacity. This is the smart dryer for those that want to be super connected, on the high end of tech, and wrinkle-free.  Here are some of the cool features that the Bosch WTG865H4UC comes with:

  • It’s compatible with Home Connect so you can take advantage of all its smart capabilities. 
  • Start and stop a load from wherever you are with a mobile app and remote start. 
  • Get notifications on when a cycle is done.
  • Automatic dryer program with sensor controls.
  • 14 different cycle options, including quick-dry programs.
  • Reduced vibrations and noise thanks to the dryers AntiVibration system.
  • Reduce wrinkles with the Wrinkle Block settings. 

A lot of bang for your money with Samsung 

Samsung’s smart dryer model DVE45R6300W is ready to meet your everyday needs, offers cool smart features, and promises not to empty your wallet. You get all the good quality, great design, and cool Samsung tech with a friendlier price tag. Good enough to hold your weekly medium loads with its 7.5 -cu. Ft, the Samsung DVE45R6300W also offers you:

  • Connectivity to Samsung’s appliances app. 
  • A super useful sanitizing cycle, say goodbye to germs. 
  • Cool and handy reversible door. 
  • Alert systems for cleaning out the lint filter.
  • Save your favorite setting to use later on. 
  • Use the app to start and check your loads, the only thing is it won’t work outside the home. Still good enough for the price. 

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