What do you need to know about using a gas stove for the first time?

What you need to know about using a gas stove for the first time?

Gas stoves are a great choice for any home, and one of the most popular cooking methods for professional chefs. Guess there is something about that flame. If you haven’t used a gas stove before then there are definitely some things you should know before cooking your first meal. 

There are a lot of fears, thanks to warning tales and media, on using gas stoves. But no need to worry these have been around for so long they are designed for safety and it just takes a few easy-to-manage habits to use them at no risk. Here’s what you need to know when using a gas stove.

Be extra careful with installation

Gas stoves are one of those appliances we openly recommend getting professionally installed. The setup of the gas lines should be done carefully and you should always make sure it’s working correctly before cooking. 

Extra: check your gas lines periodically to avoid dangerous leeks. 

You can’t miss that smell 

Gas would normally have very little to no smell for humans, but cooking gas is made to be really smelly because of safety measures. This prevents people from ignoring leaks or an open gas stove. 

You should take some time to learn to recognize the smell. If you want to take extra precautions, keep a window open close to the stove or get a gas detection system installed.

Extra: always keep kids away from the stove and make it clear it can only be used under supervision, for safety. 

More flame, more power

There is a reason gas stoves are a chef’s favorite: the flame! With this type of stove, you get much more power than electric or induction and faster. 

Keep that in mind when you are cooking, stay vigilant of the flame, and avoid having too many things near the stove. Remember a rag, piece of a cutting board or other could catch fire quickly so it’s better to keep a clear stove when you have a big flame going. 

Extra tip: keeping your stove clean is also a great way to make it last longer and prevent accidents in the kitchen. 

Use the best for repairs 

Because of the high risk associated with using gas stoves, it’s best to call the experts if something goes wrong. Use reputable repairs services and don’t cut corners. It’s better for the appliance, and more importantly, it keeps you safe.

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