What to ask and look for when buying a new appliance?

What to ask and look for when buying a new appliance?

A new appliance can be a big purchase for most homes. Sometimes these are unexpected expenses due to malfunction and even when it’s planned it is not something you do lightly. Unlike buying clothes or shoes, appliances have to last for years and meet expectations usually for even more than one person. So, if you are buying a new appliance you need to be prepared to ask, test, and be thorough in your shopping. 

Because of how big a commitment buying a new appliance is, you should know beforehand the minimal requirements you need from the appliance, for instance, you want a smart vs a traditional appliance, or maybe you want a certain appliance brand you trust. Whatever it is may help you in making that final decision so start thinking about it before you head to the store. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. How does it fit with your home style
  2. Is it big enough for everyone at home 
  3. Does it fit in the space you have 
  4. What are your budget limits
  5. How features do you want it to have 

These can provide guidance and narrow down the wide field of appliance offer so you can make your decision faster. 

Keep in mind that of course the staff at the store is trying to sell you an appliance but they are also there to help. They also have the most knowledge of these machines you are looking at so don’t be afraid to ask questions and clear up your doubts. 

If you are shopping for cooking appliances like ranges or ovens clear up questions about:

  • The cooking power of the appliance 
  • What is the energy source and requirements
  • Will this work for a family of x amounts of members

For washing appliances like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers:

Of course, there are general questions you should always get answered:

  • What is your warranty policy 
  • How easy is it to get service for this appliance 
  • Are replacements parts available 
  • Would you get this for your home 

Another thing you must do before getting your new appliance is checking reviews on the model, that way you get feedback from actual users and not just a salesperson.

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