Which kitchen cooktop is right for you?

Top cooktops to install in your home kitchen

Many times sit has been said that the kitchen is the heart of your home, so its make since that you do research when picking the right cooktop for your home, from making hot chocolate to cooking important dinners, this appliance will be with you for important milestones. 

We are going to focus on cooktops instead of ranges in this article but you can find out more about the latter one here. For many homeowners, cooktops are the right decision in terms of design and durability.

There’s plenty to consider when setting your kitchen up when it comes to the cooktop there are also a multitude of options available to you, so keep in mind the level of cooking you want to do, space, care and things that are important to you, here’s a few of the cooktop options available for your kitchen: 


The preferred choice for chefs and those passionate about cooking. There’s something about the flame of the gas cooker that draws some people in. It heat’s up rapidly (and it cools down fast too) so the cooking is more precise. They are also in the lead when it comes to energy efficiency. Two cons to keep in mind: they can be really hard to clean and you need to have a gas hookup (which can be expensive when you don’t already have one)

Coil electric 

A very affordable choice for the kitchen. The heat takes a little longer to achieve and the cooking is not as accurate. These appliances are very durable and can be used with any type of cookware. It could be a bit of a pain to clean. If your not a passionate cook and want something affordable but good this is the best choice for sure.

Smoothtop electric

Easy to maintain and very stylish, more technological than any of the choices before, so more expensive. Keep in mind that while aesthetically pleasing they are very delicate also. This one is good for those looking to decorate minimalistic and not spend too much time making food. There’s plenty of options for this type of cooktop as well. 


The most modern choice, super-fast heating options, very safe for families, and it doesn’t heat the room it is in. Its the latest in cooking technology plus the most energy-efficient, but they are very expensive and only work with some types of cookware.

There’s plenty of options and surely one that fits your family and your home. 

Don’t forget for us at Maydone we’ll handle any repair call we can manage, always looking to offer you the best service possible, we work with most of the cooktops mentioned before, so trust in us for installation and repair done the right way, by professionals! 

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