Which Range Hood Should I Buy?

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Do you need to buy a new range hood? This article will help you to make the right choice for your kitchen! 

Isn’t it best to prepare your own food and enjoy it at home? You can make sure that you know exactly which ingredients are in your food and it’s fun to try new recipes. But there is a downside to it: if you don’t have a range hood the smell of your food will not leave the kitchen for a long time. 


Maybe you are sick of smelling food hours later on your clothes or in your kitchen. Or your old range hood is broken and cannot be repaired anymore. But for whatever reason why you want to buy a range hood, there are some things to consider. Therefore, we wrote down some tips for you that will help you to make the right decision for your kitchen. And as soon as you receive the range hood, we would be happy to assist you with the range hood installation, as this can be a bit tricky.


1. Which Ventilation to Choose

When it comes to ventilation, you have two choices. You can go for a vented hood or a non-vented hood. The difference between these two is that the air from a vented hood will be forced outside of your kitchen while the non-vented hood works with a filter that circulates the air back into the room. Whilst the vented hood is the best option to get smells completely out of your house, the non-vented hood requires no ductwork.  

2. Which Type to Choose

If you are buying a whole new kitchen, you can decide on any of the types while you are less flexible with an existing kitchen. Here is an overview of the most common types of range hoods.  

Under Cabinet Range Hood

These range hoods are very popular as they are easy to install and cheaper than other types. Most of these range hoods can be bought as vented or non-vented range hoods. If you decide to go for a vented hood, the installation will be a bit more complicated and the appliance usually is more expensive than a non-vented hood.

under cabinet range hood repair and installation service maydone gta
Under Cabinet Range Hood


Island Range Hood

If your stove is located on an island in the kitchen, this will be the right choice for you. This range hood doesn’t need a wall next to it but can be installed directly to the ceiling, to where it will force out the air from your kitchen. These range hoods are usually more expensive but can add an extraordinary look to your house.  

island range hood repair and installation service maydone gta
Island Range Hood

Wall Chimney Range Hood

If you don’t have any cabinets above your stove, you might want to choose a wall chimney range hood. These types come in the shape of a chimney and are wider on the bottom. They are a bit pricier than under cabinet hoods but usually, they are very efficient. Ideally, they should be covering the full length of the stove and therefore they can capture all the smells that rise from the cooktop or the oven.  

wall chimney range hood repair and installation service maydone gta
Wall Chimney Range Hood


Down Draft Range Hood

Downdraft hoods are almost invisible as they are located next to the stove. They stay out of the way and are connected to ducts beneath the floor. So, instead of blowing the air up, they force the air out in a downward direction. As this type can be quite complicated to install, you should contact our technicians to help you with it.

downdraft range hood repair and installation service maydone gta
Downdraft Range Hood

3. Compare the Price

Of course, the range hood should not only fit into your kitchen but also in your budget. Therefore, you should compare the different types and brands to each other to make sure you get the best deal!

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