Your appliance stopped working, what can you do?

Appliances are one of the most used and needed technology in our everyday lives, and we don’t usually have to think about them, except when they stop working. So, what can you do after your appliances stop working to fix them and get them back up in no time? Let Maydone give you some tips on dealing with broken appliances. 

Because appliances can mean a varied selection of devices we are giving you a general list, and here’s a step-by-step of how it should go after your appliance stops working. 

  1. Try to figure out what wrong
  2. See if you can fix the issue yourself 
  3. If yes, prepare and go ahead with the repairs
  4. If, no call professional appliance technicians like Maydone
  5. Fix your appliance! 

Check your power source

The first thing you can do to figure out if you have power problems. We know it sounds silly but there are times when a faulty power source or an unplugged machine is all that’s behind our washing machine or dishwasher not working. 

Check your power source and try another outlet to make sure it’s another issue that stopped your appliance from working. 

Look for fallen pieces, leaks, or burned wires 

The second thing to look for is a faulty or broken piece of the appliance. Sometimes something as simple as overused door rubbers can keep fridges from closing and cooling properly. 

What to look for in your appliances?

  1. Check for doors not closing in dryers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. 
  2. Shaking or loose parts when the appliances are running 
  3. Water leaks or water pools 
  4. A piece of the appliance that may have fallen 
  5. Burnt wiring 

If pieces are intact and just need to be reattached you can handle that, for broken pieces check the model, serial numbers, and you appliance model to order, or just call an appliance service that offers repairs with genuine appliance parts like Maydone! 

Take a look at your appliance manual 

Sometimes your appliance is just updating software or stopped because of some specific to the model. Checking out your appliance user’s manual is can be a key to figuring out what’s going on with your appliance. 

If you don’t know where you placed your manual, just find your appliance number and model and look for the manual online. 

Go online 

There are a ton of DIY help guides on how to fix the most common appliance problems, that can show you a step-by-step solution to your appliance problems. 

Let Maydone help 

Maydone has a whole appliance tips section dedicated to helping you with appliance repairs, you can check it out here

We cover anything from dishwashers to stoves. 

Call Maydone or your local expert appliance technicians 

If you can’t figure it out or have realized the issue is over your own repairs skills then call the experts, get yourself a team of technicians that show up on time and have the answers, one of the best appliance repairs services in Toronto call Maydone!

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