3 ways to fix your fridge’s ice maker 

3 fixes for ice maker issues

Ice makers are one of the most popular and used features on refrigerators, they elevate drinks and can be a life saver in the hottest months of the year. Like any part of an appliance you can run into problems with them, so how can you fix common ice maker problems quickly and by yourself? Let Maydone Appliance Repair Toronto help!

Ice makers are usually an attached system to the rest of the refrigerator, connected to the water source but producing the ice separately, so it should be easy to locate your ice maker and inspect for issues. 

We’ll be tackling the 3 most common ice maker problem 

  1. Not making ice 
  2. No ejection of the ice, and 
  3. A frozen ice maker 

Before you get started fixing this issue, please prepare your kitchen and tools to avoid messes and accidents. 

  • Unplug the refrigerator from electric current 
  • Have buckets, rags, and mops to collect and clean water 
  • Get your refrigerator manual 

Your ice maker is not making ice 

This would be the biggest issue when you have an ice maker, and there could be a few causes for it. Let’s go one by one.

  1. Check the position of your bail wire, you will most likely find the bail wire is on the ice tray. If this is locked in the up position, it will signal the system not to produce ice. Make sure it’s placed in the down position and if that doesn’t work, call a Maydone to test connections that may need replacing.
  1. Ensure the water source is connected correctly with no leaks and supply the ice-making system with enough water to make ice.

Extra: Get professional installation of your fridge to ensure water lines are connected properly 

  1. Check the solenoid. For this one, you will need to disconnect the fridge from its power source for safety and mobility. The solenoid is usually placed at the bottom or back of the refrigerator, and if it’s blocked it can prevent water from reaching the ice maker. Clear it and allow the water to flow again. You can also check your manual to see where it’s located. 

Ice maker won’t eject ice 

A few things could be causing this, and there are some easy fixes.

  1. Check and clear obstruction on the ejection tray or port. Remove the part clean and reinstall. 
  2. The other issue could be with the ejection motor or system it could be jammed, or fried. You might need to replace it or call a fridge repair specialist

Frozen ice maker 

This happens to almost all freezer parts, which is by we recommend you deep clean your freezer routinely. To fix this and get your ice maker back just defrost the freezer.

  1. Clear your fridge 
  2. Disconnect it from the power 
  3. Clean and restart
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