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Are you looking for a fridge repair service in Toronto (GTA)?

Imagine this scenario: It’s a sunny afternoon, and your friends are coming over for dinner. You’re just about to take some drinks and snacks when you open the refrigerator. You notice the lights are off, and the temperature is definitely not the way it should be. Nothing can be worse than your food wilting and going to waste.

It happens very often with our clients, who usually encounter issues with water leakage, faulty thermostat or loud noises that their fridge is making. It may be genuinely hard to try to fix the unit all by yourself. Internet tutorials may show you so far, while time is ticking and food in the freezer is going bad every hour.

This is where Maydone is here to help. Our same day emergency repair service means our highly experienced technicians can be out straight away to resolve any issue. We pride ourselves in our skills and ability to provide quality appliance repair services in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with no hidden costs. Our clients are well away that we put them first, while 20+ years of experience maintaining fridges and freezers allow us to identify the problem right away and repair it. We use only genuine parts from well-known brands and have up to 1 year warranty on our service and parts.


  • Door gaskets not sealing properly?
  • Malfunctioning control modules?
  • Problems with the defrost heater?
  • Inaccurate thermostat
  • Water leakage from under the refrigerator?
  • Water inside the refrigerator?
  • Ice maker is not working?
  • The freezer is unable to maintain temperature?
  • The freezer is unable to maintain temperature?
  • Worn electrical wiring?
  • Your utility costs are increasing steadily?
  • You have noticed puddles of water on the inside of the unit?
  • There is spoiled food in the refrigerator (that hasn’t been there very long)?
  • The unit is making strange or loud sounds?
  • The refrigerator is running on a continuous basis?

Do not worry, we fix it all! Licensed refrigerator repair technicians are on their way!

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Our Appliance Repair Technicians in Toronto (GTA)

Keep your home running smoothly with MayDone Fridge Repair Toronto! Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to help – fully equipped, on-time, and leaving no mess behind. Benefit from top quality repair service for guaranteed satisfaction – we make it easy for you to get back up and running again in a flash. With us by your side, all of your refrigerator repair needs in the greater Toronto area are taken care of quickly so that you can enjoy peace of mind at home!

Our Fridge Repair Toronto Team

With MayDone Fridge Repair, you can rest assured that your appliance repair needs are in good capable hands! We offer stress-free and professional services thanks to our family of technicians who are available 7 days a week – even on weekends & holidays. With decades of combined experience regardless make or model, the licensed experts here have all bases covered when it comes to getting your household appliances up running quickly so life goes back normal as soon as possible. Call us now for fast and reliable service you won’t regret!