5 Ways to Make Your Heater More Efficient

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A Heater is essential to keep apartments and houses warm during the colder months. With average temperatures between 36°F and 48°F in November, you’ll need this appliance to work well. Here are five tips on how to get the most out of your appliance!


There are different kinds of people out there. The ones that love winter and everything that comes with it, such as snow, Christmas or skiing. The others that just want the summer to return as quickly as possible. If you belong to the second group, your heater must be an essential appliance in your household – so at least the temperature in your home reminds you of brighter days.


But how often do you really think about your heater? Well, we don’t often notice them when they are working properly, we definitely start thinking about them as soon as the heater is broken. If you are experiencing something like that and you don’t know what to do about it, you can get in touch with our technicians, who are happy to help you. Click here to get in touch through online or call us: +1 (289) 801-7857 or +1 (888) 513 0052.


Anyhow, if your heater is working properly, you’re probably curios how you can use it without wasting energy. That’s why we have collected five tips for that will help keeping your apartment warm and cosy.


1.     Don’t Turn the Heater Thermostat Up to The Highest Temperature


When coming home to a cold apartment, it seems tempting to just turn up the thermostat to the highest level. You might think that will heat the apartment quicker. However, that is not true. The only thing that will go up quicker by doing that is your fuel bill.


2.     Adjust the Temperature of The Heater


Many people think that it makes sense to keep the temperature at a steady level throughout the day. But, if you want to save energy, it is recommended to adjust the temperature. For example: You could turn it down in the evening before you go to bed.


3.     Don’t Close the Vent


You would assume that you will use less energy when closing vents in unused rooms. Unfortunately, that is not true. As your heater will produce as much air as before, it is more effective to keep the vents open.


4.     The Heat Should be Able to Flow Freely


Most people know that they shouldn’t cover their heater to keep them working effectively. But even big furniture such as a sofa can stop the heat from flowing around freely. Consider rearranging some furniture to ensure a warm apartment and an efficient heating system.


5.     Lower the Temperature


The most effective way to save energy is to get used to a lower temperature at your home. If you are used to temperatures between 60°F and 70°F, you can save 2 % of your electricity costs with every degree you turn the temperature down. So, we consider that is worth putting on an extra sweater, right?    

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