Dishwasher wars: fully integrated vs full console appliances

Dishwasher wars: fully integrated vs full console appliances

Dishwasher while not a necessary part of a kitchen can be a great addition to your home. It’s one of those appliances that you don’t think you need until you have one, and one that you miss greatly when you can’t use. But how do you know which style is best for your kitchen is it a fully integrated dishwasher or a full console appliance you should choose? Don’t worry Maydone is here to help! 

If you are considering getting your first dishwasher or updating the one you have then this is going to be useful knowledge for your next appliance shopping trip. 

Here are some other tips for picking out your next dishwasher.

  1. Take accurate measures of the space you have to install the dishwasher 
  2. Consider the size of your dish load needs 
  3. Have an idea of the finishing style you would like the appliance to have 
  4. Do some research on the best brands for appliances 
  5. Wait for a sale day to get a discount on your appliance

Now let’s take a look at what dishwasher model suits your home best 

Fully integrated dishwashers

Fully integrated dishwashers like the name say are integrated parts of a kitchen unit, they are built for the surrounding cabinets and spaces to create a uniform and seamless look. 

They stay mostly hidden from view and are often used to create minimalistic clean kitchens. Some models even have a panel-ready capability.  

Benefits of choosing fully integrated dishwashers

  • The clean integrated look is always in and elevates the style of any kitchen 
  • Great for avoiding accidental activations and keeping kids away from appliances
  • Built-in minimalistic appliances 
  • Super quiet, as the surrounding cabinets tend to absorb the noise 

Downsides of choosing fully integrated dishwashers

  • More costly than a full console dishwasher
  • You will need to install the full console not just the appliance 
  • You might not be able to hear the cycle finishing, some models have lights on top to alert you when washing is done 

Full console dishwashers

Full console dishwashers are the traditional model and install method we all know. The appliances come detached from the console and it fits into a selected spot in your kitchen. 

This type of dishwasher is a simple installation with a more common look and can be found almost anywhere, 

Benefits of choosing full console dishwashers

Downsides of choosing full console dishwashers

  • Most are not panel-ready meaning they won’t look like the rest of your kitchen cabinets 
  • You have to make your kitchen adapt to the model you choose
  • Visible appliance 
  • Kids can see and access controls easily
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