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Everything you need to know about range hoods

Range hoods are an appliance that can bring together a kitchen space. Not only can they be a statement piece, for those that cook often they are also necessary. However, when it comes to choosing a range hood you may have a lot of questions like: do I really need one? What kind of range hood? Or what brand should you get? Let Maydone guide you through the basics of range hoods. 

Get started with the five principles of choosing a new appliance:

  1. Size 
  2. Budget
  3. Features
  4. Style 
  5. Installation 

Once you have narrowed down the details on these five factors you can begin your search for the perfect range hood for your home. 

When should you get a range hood for your kitchen?

To be completely transparent not all homes need a range hood, some people just don’t cook enough to mandate having one of these appliances. If you are cooking 4 or more times a week and preparing meals that use oils and produce smoke then a range hood will be a wonderful addition. 

If you are cooking a lot then a range hood can help with controlling grease particles and smoke from getting spread around your kitchen and home. Range hoods can help with the smells from cooking as well. 

3 Major benefits of having a range hood

  1. Better control of smells when cooking
  2. Prevent grease particles from spreading 
  3. Easier to clean surfaces 

What types of range hoods are there?

The easiest way to classify range hoods is using their ventilation systems.  

  • Vented: these types of hoods vent to the outside through a duct and are super useful since everything they collect ends up outside of your home. 
  • Non-vented: these hoods use filters to collect the grease and particles.
  • Convertible: as the name suggests, these hoods can have ducts or be duct-free. 
  • Ducted or Vented Hoods: These hoods are ideal, because they vent to the outside, meaning smoke, grease, and odors are drawn away from your kitchen’s interior.

Now let’s take a look a hood models 

  • Wall-mounted hoods: these types of hoods are attached to the wall and usually fit between cabinets.
  • Under-cabinet: this is the most common type the range hood installation is made to feet under cabinets, sometimes the range hood can be a standout or it can be hidden away. 
  • Island hoods: these types of range hoods stand above the cooking surface on an island.
  • Downdraft hoods: the downdraft hoods fit next to the cooktop right on the counter. 

Materials for range hoods

Range hoods usually come in steel or copper presentation, but now more modern takes on the range hood have glass hoods. The material of the range hoods depends on your style and how you want to match this appliance to the rest of your kitchen. 

Something like a steel range hood with gold details or a copper hood can give your kitchen a classical European look, while a glass range hood could add a more modern and minimalistic touch to your style. 

What is the best type of ventilation for a range hood?

The ventilation you should choose for your range hood depends ultimately on your space and budget. Duct range hoods require an exit point while non-vented range hoods have filters that you would need to change every 3 months or so. Keep in mind duct installations can go from $500 to $1000 so consider that when choosing a range hood. 

The best brands for range hoods 

Range hood brand choices are similar to cooktop choices. You are safe to go with the big names like Miele, Samsung, or Whirpool. Here it all depends on your budget and style. If you want a more cohesive look in your kitchen it might help to go with the same brand you have for your cooktop.

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