How to make your washing more green

Eco washing

We all want to make our contribution to taking better care of our planet, and for most, it starts by making little but significant change at home. 

How we use our appliances is a big part of this transformation, so learning to do your washing with the least environmental footprint can help you achieve your green goals.

Use clothes consciously 

When you can, wear clothes more than once. This obviously doesn’t apply for all clothing, but at times we wash items that are still clean, wasting more water and energy. 

For example, denim experts would say to stave off washing your jeans for as long as you can. Use your common sense (and sense of smell) to pick which items can hold off on a wash. 

Use greener detergent 

Try to choose the more eco-friendly options for washing your clothes, the more chemical detergents can do a lot of damage to the environment. The greener alternatives could be pricier but it will be gentler not only on the planet but your clothes and health as well. 

Use concentrated detergent

They deliver more with a smaller carbon footprint, always make sure its the right kind for your machine. 

Or make your own detergent

This is the greenest choice. You can make your own detergent with a few, easy to find ingredients. You will know exactly what you are putting on your clothes, and you can customize the fragrances you prefer. 

Update your machine

Newer machines take better care of your clothes and the environment. Let Maydone know when you need to install a new washer or dryer, we are happy to help! 

Green settings 

Use your machines programmed energy-saving or eco setting, the machines will run cycles with the best environmental function. 

Hang to dry

When possible skip the drying machine and hang your clothes to dry for a greener laundry outcome. 

There are little and big steps you can take to go green, as long as we all pitch in the world will be better off, and so will your home. 

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