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Three Common Microwave Problems

Is your microwave not working properly? Have a look at these three common problems and how to fix them – maybe that will help you out.

Do you know the feeling when you’re coming home from a long day at work and all you want to do is to sit in front of the TV, eating a warm dinner?

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can just use your microwave oven to warm up a delicious dish. Since microwaves were invented in the 1940s the appliances have changed a lot and got more sophisticated so you can use it easily to cook a whole meal.

Microwaves heat food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. If your appliance is not working, it can be hard to detect the problem. This is why we summarized some of the most common microwave problems for you in this article!

If you are not sure if your appliance can be repaired or if you need to buy a new microwave oven, get in touch with our experienced technicians. We work with genuine appliance parts and offer up to one year warranty. Furthermore, we can help you with microwave installation if you need to purchase a new appliance.

Problem 1: The light doesn’t work properly

Is the light in your microwave very dim or not working at all? Even though this doesn’t affect the way your food is being heated, it can be annoying if you can’t see what’s going on inside of the appliance.

The light can be dim whilst defrosting or heating a dish at low power. To find out if that’s the reason, you can heat a cup filled with water at maximum power and see if the light gets brighter.

If the light isn’t working at all, the light bulb might have burnt out. To replace the bulb, you should find out where it is located. If it’s easy to reach, you can replace it yourself. Be careful if it is close to the capacitor as you could damage the parts connected to it. It might be necessary to get professional help to replace it.

Problem 2: The microwave isn’t heating

A very common reason for this problem is magnetron failure. The magnetron is a part of your appliance that generates the microwave energy. If the microwave appliance is turned on whilst being empty, the magnetron might burn out. Unfortunately, once broken, the magnetron cannot be repaired but must be replaced.

Since you can get electrical shocks even if the appliance is unplugged, we recommend that only experienced people replace the magnetron themselves. If you need the help of a professional, you can schedule an appointment with our technicians online or via phone (+1 (289) 801-7857 / +1 (888) 513-0052).

Problem 3: The turntable doesn’t rotate

When the turntable of the microwave doesn’t rotate, it is impossible to heat food. Therefore, it is important to fix this problem, which mostly involves a broken motor. The good news is: A worn-out motor can be replaced.

If it’s not the motor, then a non-working turntable might be an indicator for a fault in the main control board, the touchpad or the control panel. Check these parts to find out if they are working properly.

Anyhow, these are only three problems out of many others that can affect your appliance. As microwaves are sophisticated appliances, we highly recommend that you call a technician to figure out what’s wrong with yours instead of getting frustrated.

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