Tips To Pack Your Appliances For A Move

These tips to pack your appliances can make your trip to your new home easier, getting your appliances there without a scratch

Packing for a move can really stressful, and the last thing you want is for things to break on the way to your new home. Remember these tips to pack your appliances to make the trip home without a scratch. 

Wrap It Up 

The best way to pack your appliances for moving is to wrap them in bubble wrap or paper. This prevents damages to both the outside of the appliances and the inside, make sure you include the cord and plug so that it doesn’t tangle with other appliance or scratch them.

Separate And Conquer

Wrap each appliance individually for an easier packing experience, this way you can fit them in boxes and moving trucks easily. 

Fill The Gaps

Once you have wrapped your appliances you’ll need to put them in boxes and fill the gaps left in there. Using paper, bubbles, or styrofoam, you can fill the gaps in the boxes, that way appliances don’t move around during the trip and get home safer.  

Label Properly 

Labeling helps you in two ways when packing your appliances for a move:

First, it makes it easier to unpack once you get to your new home.

Two, it lets the movers know what’s in the boxes, you can add “Fragile” tags to the boxes so they are especially careful with some items. 

Call Maydone! 

Well, now you are ready to pack your appliances and move, once you get home call Maydone for installations or repairs 24/7

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