The pros and cons of getting a refrigerator with an external water dispenser

The pros and cons of getting a refrigerator with an external water dispenser

A new refrigerator means a hefty investment for any homeowner. The more advanced and high-tech refrigerators have become the more expensive they’ve gotten. So, you must take into consideration all extra features when buying one to avoid overpaying or getting something you don’t really need. 

Extras like door ice and water dispenser can drive the price of the appliance up and they could actually not end up working for your particular situation. Consider all facts before jumping into a refrigerator choice just because it’s popular.

What to consider when choosing a refrigerator with an external water dispenser 


  • To have a refrigerator with an ice or water dispenser you will need to install more plumbing. Consider if this is possible in your kitchen space and even if you want to do this work at all. 
  • Did you know that the ice dispensing capabilities of a refrigerator affect the freezer strength? Well, now you know. Another aspect to consider especially if you have a preference for frozen food or keeping the freezer full and working at max capacity.
  • Having these water and ice dispersers will definitely reduce the space you have in your freezer. That loss of space might no be convenient in the long run for your home.
  • The water you get from your dispenser might not be the best quality. If you already need to filter your water regularly then you will need to get a refrigerator with added filtration features. If you don’t you could be compromising the quality of the water you drink. Could be better off with bottled water or another filtered option. 
  • Even if you have a clean source of water filtration may be needed to prevent sediment from blocking the water dispensation system. 


  • It’s an easy to use plus comfortable water and ice source 
  • Hvaing this dispensing system can help prevent spills of water 
  • The water and ice dispenser could potentially improve the energy efficiency of the refrigerator use since you won’t need to open the doors as much.
  • It can also reduce the amount of wasted water.

Now you have more information to make a decision on whether a refrigerator with a water/ice dispensation system is the right choice for your home. 

Maydone will offer you the best service and installation no matter what you pick! 

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