Which washing machine model is better: top vs front load?

Which washing machine model is better: top vs front load?

So, you are considering getting a new washing machine but don’t know what to pick between the top and front load. No worries, Maydone is here to help, with washing machine installations, and with choosing. There are a few aspects that can determine whether a top or front-loading washing machine is best for you. It all comes down to your individual needs and preferences though. 

As mentioned there are aspects to differentiate the two types of washing machines in the market, but here are some other more general tips for picking a brand new washing machine regardless of the model to help you narrow it down:

  1. Measures: does it fit your space and is it comfortable to use 
  2. Budget: is it within your price range, or even can you get it for less if you wait for sales events 
  3. Is it a good brand 
  4. Does it match your home style 
  5. What kind of reviews does it have 

To make the best decision possible let’s take a closer look at how each model works and the benefits you get from them. 

How do front-loading watching machines work?

Front loading washing machines have a drum where you place your laundry and they take advantage of gravity to move clothes and wash them thoroughly. The drums spin and tosses the clothes up and down. 

Since the drum is placed horizontally these machines have secure systems to prevent water leakage and usually lock the door of the machine once a cycle has started. 

How do top-loading washing machines work? 

Top-loading washing machines need more power to function because they don’t have the help of gravity. So it uses a mechanism to move laundry inside the vertical drum. 

Two types of top-load washing machine mechanisms

  • Agitator washing machines, these are the ones that have a large rod in the models and that helps move the clothes inside the drum 
  • Impeller washing machines have a disc on the bottom of the drum that moves clothes around  

Front-load vs top load washing machines compared 


  • Front-load washing machines allow you to stack appliances on top like a dryer, saving you space 
  • Top-loading washing machines have to be placed side by side with other appliances so they need more room 


  • Top-loading has more drum space usually 
  • Front-load tend to be smaller 

Washing power 

  • It’s not much of a difference since appliance innovation has made both practically equal
  • However, for heavy-duty stains or washing, the agitator mechanism has a clear advantage 

Water and energy 

  • Front-loading washing machines tend to use less water just because of their size 
  • The energy and water use should be comparably equal in both 

Easy to use

  • Top-loading washing machines can be difficult to access for people with disabilities or shorter people 
  • Front-loading is more accessible and easy to load 


  • Front-loading washing machines are easier to reach and clean fully 
  • Top-loading ones however don’t require cleaning as often and tend to be better drained
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