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Embark on a transcendent journey with MayDone, your avant-garde destination for Avantgarde kitchen appliances. Elevate your appliance experience with our unparalleled service, meticulously crafted for the connoisseurs of excellence.

Entrust your Avantgarde appliances to our cadre of skilled artisans, specializing in the avant-garde diagnosis and repair of your culinary companions. Immerse yourself in a realm of bespoke servicing, repairs, and maintenance, meticulously curated using authentic Avantgarde components.

Our odyssey spans diverse landscapes, as our artisans bring forth a pledge to bestow premier service. Whether your Avantgarde model encounters the frigidity of cooling issues, the fervor of heating dilemmas, or the intricacies of operational challenges, our troubleshooters wield their expertise to unveil and rectify, restoring your appliance to its symphonic functionality.

Engage with us! In the ethereal realm of online accessibility, our transcendental services and repairs for Avantgarde appliances are available 24/7. Beyond mere repair, we unveil enduring solutions, ensuring your appliances transcend time, allowing you to savor their avant-garde performance for years to come.


list of serviceable Avantgarde appliances:

Avantgarde washer repair
Avantgarde dryer repair
Avantgarde oven repair
Avantgarde dishwasher repair
Avantgarde stove repair
Avantgarde refrigerator repair

Avantgarde Refrigerator Repair

If your Avantgarde refrigerator is struggling to maintain optimal temperatures or experiencing issues with freezing, don’t hesitate to contact MayDone for dependable repair services. Our skilled technicians specialize in Avantgarde refrigerator repair, covering various models including wine coolers, built-in units, stand-alone refrigerators, and freezers.

Our knowledgeable customer representatives are well-versed in all Avantgarde refrigerator models and can assist you with inquiries related to parts and services.

Contact MayDone for support with any concerns regarding your Avantgarde fridge, addressing issues such as:

  1. Inadequate freezing of food in the freezer
  2. Incorrect sealing of the refrigerator door
  3. Unusual noises such as banging
  4. Rapid food spoilage despite correct settings
  5. Leaks or malfunctions in the ice maker
  6. Persistent freezing or drainage issues with the drain hose

Our dedicated service experts are available seven days a week, including evenings and holidays, to provide timely repair solutions for your Avantgarde refrigerator.

Avantgarde Washing Machine Repair

Is your Avantgarde washing machine causing disruptions in your laundry routine? Contact MayDone, and let our skilled technicians diagnose and resolve the issue promptly.

Our experts ensure the proper functioning of your Avantgarde washing machine, addressing common problems such as:

  1. Washer not starting
  2. Filter replacement
  3. Unusual noises and anomalies
  4. Error messages
  5. Timer malfunction
  6. Leaking seals, pumps, or valves
  7. Issues with filling, spinning, or draining
  8. Strange or burning smells
  9. Door or lid not opening or latching correctly, or leaks

Our qualified professionals are available seven days a week, including holidays, to provide reliable repair services for your Avantgarde washing machine.

Avantgarde Dryer Repair

Experiencing issues with your Avantgarde dryer? No need to worry! Reach out to MayDone, and our customer service representatives will assist you. Our highly trained technicians, equipped with Technical Standards and Safety Authority Certificates, can troubleshoot and resolve your dryer problems. We specialize in fixing various issues, including:

  1. Dryer not tumbling despite being turned on
  2. Strange noises, vibrations, or burning smells
  3. Non-functional selection dial or timer
  4. Clothes remaining damp or emitting unpleasant odors after the allotted drying time
  5. Plugged-in dryer that’s not working
  6. Lack of heating when the dryer is turned on
  7. Dryer stopping abruptly after starting

Trust our skilled professionals to repair your Avantgarde dryer with efficiency.

Avantgarde Dishwasher Repair

Looking for reliable repair and maintenance services for your Avantgarde dishwasher? MayDone is here to ensure your dishwasher and other kitchen appliances are in optimal working condition. Contact our customer service experts if you’re experiencing issues such as:

  1. Improper draining
  2. Unexpected stops during a cycle
  3. Dishes not clean or dry after a wash
  4. Water leakage
  5. Unusual noises during operation
  6. Insufficient water supply
  7. Failure to power on

Contact us to schedule repairs for your Avantgarde dishwasher model.

Avantgarde Microwave Repair

In need of Avantgarde microwave repair services? Avantgarde offers a range of microwaves, including over-the-range, convection, grill, and solo models, each packed with unique features. Whether it’s over-the-range, countertop, or built-in, our Avantgarde technicians are ready to provide quick and professional assistance.

Experiencing issues with your Avantgarde microwave? From malfunctioning to display errors, our team at MayDone can tackle any problem you may encounter. Contact our appliance repair experts if you’re facing issues such as:

  1. Microwave not working
  2. Microwave turning on but not heating
  3. Display and/or controls not functioning
  4. Slow cooking times
  5. Noises or sticking from the turntable

Contact us now for immediate and reliable Avantgarde microwave repair services.

Avantgarde Range Hood Repair

At MayDone, we specialize in Avantgarde hood repair. Our team of Avantgarde technicians is well-equipped to handle any problem with your hood, whether it’s a wall mount or under cabinet model. We offer same-day diagnosis and service for various models.

Common issues we can easily address include:

  1. Non-working vent hood fan
  2. Malfunctioning hood
  3. Lights that have stopped working
  4. Noisy exhaust fan

Reach out to our professional repairmen to quickly resolve your Avantgarde hood problem. Submit a request online or give us a call.

Avantgarde Range, Oven, and Stove Repair

Experiencing trouble with your Avantgarde oven or stove? MayDone is here to help. Our skilled technicians offer professional and same-day service for all your Avantgarde appliance repairs.

If you’re facing common issues with your Avantgarde oven or stove, reach out to us:

  1. Oven not heating up properly
  2. Oven door doesn’t open or close smoothly
  3. Broiler not functioning
  4. Uneven baking of food
  5. Self-cleaning feature not working
  6. Oven light needing frequent replacement
  7. Stove element staying on even when turned off
  8. Sparks or unusual noises when turning the stove element on or off
  9. Stove element failing to light up or heat up

Count on our friendly service representatives, available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Trust us for all your Avantgarde oven repairs!

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